About Us

facekaba is a land of imagination and creativity. Our goal is to give everybody a chance to become a phone case designer, offer them an interesting and meaningful platform to sell their creations. You don’t have to be an artist to be here, but once you’re here, you’re an artist. We hope you can find your belonging here, and bring your inspiration into this brave new world of self-expression.

Our Product

At facekaba, you can find any type of phone cases you need. We provide cases of various textures for almost every phone model. You can add your personal touch to your favorite phone cases. We're passionate about giving you the ability to make your mark on the phones through customization, and we believe there is no limit to self-expression. We're committed to offering the highest quality custom cases in the world.

Our technology

If you can dream it, we're making the technology to do it. At ipecase, we're on the cutting edge of real world technology that brings your imagination to life. Our innovative minds are taking on the toughest technical challenges to make perfect customizing cases a possibility. We're developing not just the newest software for interacting with your creations before they happen, but also the state-of-the-art hardware and manufacturing processes that turn your dreams into realities.

Calling all artistic types

We call for every type of art. You can open a shop in minutes, for free. Just upload your art and designs and leave the rest to us. We handle all the printing and shipping to almost anywhere on earth. Ready? Let’s have a pleasant journey at ipecase!